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António Ferreira dos Santos
1936 -
A. Ferreira dos Santos
Cónego António Ferreira dos Santos (26/06/1936), a Portuguese composer, born in Guidões, Santo Tirso (currently Trofa), Canon of the Cathedral of Porto and commander (of Portugal and Germany), is a charismatic figure of the Porto diocese , the church of Lapa and music Portuguese.
They form a reference trio in the History of Sacred Music of the 20th century in Portugal , together with Manuel Faria (from Braga ) and Manuel Luís (from Lisbon ). He contributed, and definitely contributes, to progress in musical teaching and practice in the Church. He attended the Porto Conservatory of Music , completed the Higher Organ Course and the Sacred Music Course at the Higher School of Music in Munich ( Germany ), and also the International Organ Course guided by Prof. Emil Sauer, in Salzburg ( Austria ).
Composed in:1995
Musical form:mass
In memory of:Infante Dom Henrique (1394 - 1460)
First performance in the Mosteiro da Batalha in 1995.