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Gunther Kronecker
1803 - 1847
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P.G. Kronecker
Paul Gunther [Gunther] Kronecker OSB (27/01/1803 - 14/08/1847), an Austrian Priest and composer (born in Fischlham, Upper Austria and died in Kremsmünster, Upper Austria).
Additions to Requiem in B flat major (by J.M. Haydn)
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1839
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Carus 83.353
In 1839 P. Gunther Kronecker (1803-1847), choirmaster of the Benedictine monastery of Kremsmünster in Upper Austria, completed Michael Haydn's Requiem in B flat major fragment. Kronecker carried the work forward in Haydn's spirit and style. He was clearly influenced by Haydn's earlier C minor Requiem for Archbishop Sigismund Schrattenbach.
Source:Booklet of CD Carus 83.353
Contributor:Hermann Puchta and Arye Kendi
J.M. Haydn's 1806 "opus ultimum" Requiem Fragment (MH 838) has been available on Haenssler Classic 98.977. Carus (Carus 83.353) issued a "completed version": all the following movements, more than 30 minutes of music, having been set in 1839 by Paul (Gunther) Kronecker (1803 - 1847 ), a friar and choirmaster of the Benedictine monastery of Kremsmünster. He had no notes or sketches - he did it in Haydn's "spirit".
Author:Arye Kendi