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Charles Collins
20th - century
United States of America
Ch. Collins
Charles Collins (20th - century), an American composer. He is best known for writing works which are appropriate for younger choirs. Highly accessible arrangements and original works are often light and refreshing, and feature styles ranging from blues to world music. Long association with conductor Ethelyn Sparfield and the St.Louis Symphony Children's Choirs inspired many works. In 1994 he was composer-in-residence at the CME Institute for Choral Teacher Education and has received his Artist-Teacher Certification from the Institute. Currently he is Director of Music at St.Paul University Children's Chorus in St.Louis and teaches piano privately.
Pie Jesu
Period:21st century
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Pie Jesu (Text from the Latin Requiem Mass). Instrumentation: 4-part treble voices (SSAA) and piano.