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Giacomo Cirelli
1932 - 2019
Picture Picture
G. Cirelli
Giacomo Cirelli (12/10/1932 - 10/07/2019), an Italian composer, born in Campoli Appennino, Frosinone. As a boy was delighted to be "organ builder companion" of the peasants of his native country who wanted to support, with the barrel organ, the melodies and the songs of the people, now loving, now satirical or recreational. Ordained priest among the Missionary Fathers Redemptorists, also supports the flame of musical vocation and attended courses at the Pontifical Rome Edgardo Carducci for harmony, counterpoint and fugue, and with Cardine and Baratta for Gregorian chant. He graduated with honors in Milan, at the Pontifical Ambrosian Institute of Sacred Music under the Migliavacca prestigious guide, Molfino, Agustoni. Time collaborator House Carrara, choir director, has made ​​hundreds of pages intended for the liturgy.
Messa dei Defunti
Musical form:mass
Messa dei Defunti, 'per coro a 4 voci ineguali'.