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Lazare-Arsène Barbarin
1812 - 1875
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L.-A. Barbarin
Lazare-Arsène Barbarin (06/11/1812 - 14/03/1875), a French choirmaster and teacher (born in Marseilles). He was a member of the illustrious Italian family Barberini and descended from the family of Pope Urban VIII. In 1838 he studied theology at the St-Sulpice seminary in Paris, and in 1841 he was ordained priest. He arrived in Montreal 24 Jun 1842 and soon was teaching senior courses in rhetoric and philosophy at the Collège de Montréal. Later he taught Holy Scripture at the Grand séminaire. He called upon the 11-year-old Calixa Lavallée to accompany funeral services and predicted a brilliant future for the young musician. Barbarin served 1854-61, and 1866-74 as the first official choirmaster of Notre-Dame Church in Montreal and filled the same function at St-Joseph Church. He adapted liturgical texts to such works as Rossini's Moses in Egypt and Félicien David's Le Désert. and with J.-J. Perrault, he collaborated on a four-part harmonization of the plainsong Messe des morts.
Messe des morts
Musical form:mass
He collaborated with Joseph-Julien Perrault on a four-part harmonization of the plainsong Messe des morts.