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Ferdinand Kirms
1824 - 1854
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K.F. Kirms
Karl Ferdinand [Ferdinand] Kirms (20/12/1824 - 09/03/1854), a German composer, born in Dresden, died at Donauwörth. Virtuoso on several instruments, and church composer, lost his eyesight at the age of four, and was educated in the Royal Institution for the blind, 1832-41 ; he made successful concert tours through South Germany, and settled at Donauwörth in 1848. Works : 5 Masses ; Requiem, and Libera ; 2 Vespers ; Oelbergsandacht ; Te Deum ; 2 Miserere ; 2 Litanies ; Graduala for Sundays and Feast-days throughout the year ; Graduals and offertories ; Instrumental music, and songs.
Requiem in C minor
Musical form:mass
Requiem with Libera me, for SATB (arranged by Oswald Joos). Printed: Augsburg, 1888.
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis