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Matthias Keller
1813 - 1875
United States of America
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M. Keller
Matthias Keller (20/03/1813 - 13/10/1875), an American composer. Born in Ulm, Germany, died in Boston, Massachusetts.
Composed in:1865
Musical form:free
In memory of:Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)
Requiem: composed and inscribed to the memory of Abraham Lincoln, the champion of universal liberty, a requiem song scored for SATB soli, mixed choir and piano. A requiem dedicated to the American president Abraham Lincoln (12/02/1809 - 15/04/1865).

Text of this Requiem:

Toll ye bells a solemn dirge,
Earth shall join the sad refrain;
And the sea's remotest surge,
Moan for Freedom's champion slain.
Veil thy radiance glowing sun;
Moon and stars go out in gloom;
Weep ye skies for hopes undone,
Weep a kingly patriot's doom.
Banner worshiped by the brave
Fairest ensign of the free,
With thy sable emblems wave,
Drooping low and mournfully.

Oh ye vales and verdant isles!
How can beauty gild ye so?
Why should ye be dress'd in smiles,
When our human heart o'erflow?
Is it some celestial beam
From the gates of Paradise?
Is it Heaven's refulgent gleam,
Half revealed to mortal eyes?

Wide unfold your scenes of light,
Glorious realm, no pen can paint.
Welcome him ye throngs in white,
Crown him Hero, Martyr, Saint.
Crown him Hero, Martyr, Saint.
A. Lincoln