Claude Viviers
1948 - 1983
Cl. Viviers
Claude Viviers (14/04/1948 - 08/03/1983), a French-Canadian composer, born in Montréal. He was adopted, his real name is unknown. He was murdered by an unknown lover.
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Composed in:1973
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Vivier himself, Latin mass and Les Clavicules de Salomon
Label(s):Soupir Editions S206
Chants for Chorus a cappella + 1 instrument, composed in 1973. It contains five movements:
01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
Source:booklet of cd Soupir Editions S206

♫ 01. I
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♫ 02. II
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♫ 03. III
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♫ 04. IV
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♫ 05. V
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Chants, for seven women’s voices, represents a second beginning for the young composer. Late in 1972, studying in Germany with Stockhausen, Vivier had a visionary dream in which he had a revelation of ‘the very essence of musical composition’. As a consequence, he began work on Chants, which represented for him ‘the first moment of my life as a composer’. The work is a requiem, with three women ‘in the presence of death’ and their three shadows, the seventh voice being, symbolically, Vivier’s own, ‘a voice that has forgotten what it wanted to say’. The texts are by Vivier himself (invented words and syllables, created during the process of composing) and extracted from Christian liturgy and the mystical Les Clavicules de Salomon. Amazingly for a twenty-four year old, Chants is not Vivier’s first work to be inspired by the subject of death, and would not be the last.
Text of Chants:

a-i-ram va-nel-el […]
sut ki de neb
Requiem aeternam dona eis domine
Ave Maria gratia plena dominus tecum
te ri a ri a ri a […] a ri ri…
Non je ne veux pas mourir j’ai peur…
non je ne veux pas mourir j’ai peur
les servants de la maison donneront ma chair à
paîtr’ à la ter’
mon sang tournera limon des mers maudites
mes yeux deviendront bijoux du cou des monstres
des océans infernaux
le temps engloutira tout’ mes pensées
non j’ai peur j’ai peur arrêtez !
Quand j’étais enfant un’ vieill’ fem’ est mort’ j’ai
dû traverser trois cathédral’ pour la voir dans sa
tombe ell’ me souriait comm’ si ell’ m’appelait.
Je ne veux pas mourir,
quand j’étais enfant on m’a dit, quand j’étais
enfant on m’a dit…
que la mort c’était normal que c’était inévitable
et vous autr’ vous n’ pouvez pas empêcher cela ?
Je ne suis qu’un enfant tout petit, tout petit, tout
petit, tout petit…
ae… ne dictus fructus ventris tui jesus sancta
maria ri a ri a…
ti pe tou […] quo in…
populus meus aut in quo contristavi responde
mihi populus… aut… in pa ra… in o aphrodici
u i ou i oui rou…
responde mihi populus meus aut in populus
meus… in pa ra in paradisum… ci e aphrodici…
hi ha… […] ke te kian… a… é…
in civita… yé è i o i
i an… péterke […] mi sa iem a a ou…
requiem aeternam dona…
o o u a o.e e u i i a e a i i a… èis domine… o u a e o u…
e u i i a e u i i a
ave maria gratia plena… cum benedicta tu in
oy né mè tou san lé che min yé vi ro stoy bu toy frè pé
dominus te… mulieribus et benedictus fructus
ventris tui Jesus…
a a a o u a e o u o u… et cum lazaro quondam paupere aeternam habeas
ku sa a a nou fâ bouy ké a… o u a e o u… ya
requiem aeternam dona eis Domine lux aeterna
luceat e…