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Akira Miyoshi
1933 - 2013
A. Miyoshi
Akira Miyoshi (10/01/1933 - 04/10/2013) a Japanese composer, born and died in Tokyo. Composer Akira Miyoshi is one of the most prominent and important composers to ever write for the marimba. Much of what he has written has become part of our standard repertoire. Miyoshi has written several solo works for the instrument, a large body of chamber works featuring the marimba prominently, works for choir and marimba, and a concerto for marimba and string orchestra. Miyoshi was born in 1933 and has continued the study of music throughout his life. He received a degree in French literature from the University of Tokyo, specializing in symbolist poetry and existentialism.While there, Miyoshi also studied composition with Raymond Gallois-Montbrun. In 1953 he won first place in the Music Competition of Japan with his "Sonata for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano." This resulted in a grant to study composition at the Paris Conservatory where Miyoshi studied with Henri Dutilleux. Miyoshi won several Otaka Prizes for works including his "Concerto for Orchestra" and his "Concerto for Cello and Orchestra." He also won the NHK prize for his "Concerto for Violin and Orchestra" as well as the Italia Prize and the Palme Academique in 1984. Miyoshi was named a person of Cultural Merit in 2001 by the Japanese Government. He is a former president of the Toho Gauken School of Music in Tokyo and has served as president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall. Miyoshi is still a very active composer today.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001c
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Akiyama, Kiyoshi / Hayashi, Ichizo / Ishigaki, Rin / Kaneko, Mitsuharu / Kogusuri, Takeshi / Kuroda, Kio / Matsunaga, Atsuo / Miyoshi, Juro / Nakano, Shigeharu / Nobumoto, Hiroo / Soh, Sakon / Tanaka, Yoko / Uenishi, Norihide / Ueno, Soufu,
Duration:ca. 24'30
Label(s):Naxos Japan NYNG-001
This Requiem in three movements, is for mixed choir a cappella or mixed choir with orchestra.