Charles Mario Camilleri
1931 - 2009
C.M. Camilleri
Charles Mario Camilleri (07/09/1931 - 03/01/2009), a Maltese composer. He is today recognised as one of the most individual composers of our time. His musical journey has taken him from utilising simple diatonic and modal folk melodies to complex yet communicative mature works. He has travelled widely covering the four corners of the globe and his music is frequently performed in concert halls and music festivals all over the world. Camilleri has composed nearly 300 works and recently he described his music as being "less modern but more contemporary". At the heart of his music is his belief that "all is one" and he encounters no difficulty in amalgamating the primitive element of folk song to that of the avant-guarde: "The past inspires the present for the future".
Camilleri lives both in London and Malta and travels extensively
Composed in:1993
Label(s):Unicorn/Kanchana DKP (cd) 9157
This requiem scored for a cappella SATB (or SSAA) choir.