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Kjell Mørk Karlsen
1947 -
K.M. Karlsen
Kjell Mørk Karlsen (31/07/1947), a Norwegian composer, born in Oslo. Stylistically speaking, his music reveals a definite development. His early works are traditional, whereas the tonality and treatment of dissonance in his more recent works show that he has moved closer to contemporary currents without relinquishing traditional musical elements. 1983-84 proved to be a key year for him as he studied under the tutorial guidance of Finnish composer Joonas Kokkonen. The result was the emergence of the symphonic Mørk Karlsen and a number of symphonies and oratories of grand proportions. Also worth mentioning are Mørk Karlsen’s sonatas and string quartets that serve as examples of his devotion to classical chamber-music formats.
Kjell Mørk Karlsen's considerable production consists of 5 symphonies, 4 oratorios, cantatas, concertos and chamber music as well as church music for choir, soloists and organ. Examples of the latter category include Laudate Dominum – a collection that features 100 choir motets for each Sunday of the ecclesiastical year. He has also concentrated his efforts to renew and carry on the tradition of large-format church music styles. In reference to this one can mention the symphonic 1987 oratory Lilja, Johannespasjonen (1991), Sinfonia da Requiem (1995) and St. Hallvards litani from 2000.
Sinfonia da Requiem
Composed in:1995
Sinfonia da Requiem is for choir and orchestra.