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Martin Wendel
1925 - 2013
M. Wendel
Martin Wendel (02/06/1925 - 26/07/2013), a Swiss composer. He was born in Biberist, Solothurn. On completion of his undergraduate studies (from 1944 until 1947) he studied at the conservatories in Bern and Lausanne (Teachers: Richard Flury, Hans Haug, Edmond Defrancesco).
1947 until 1949 - Further studies in Paris under Tony Aubin, Arthur Honegger and Marcel Moyse 1952 until1969 - Solo flutist in the orchestra of the Manheim National Theatre, the orchestra of the Music Collegium Winterthur and occasionally with the Festival Orchestra Lucerne.
1970 until1990 - Music teacher at the upper Zurich canton school in Wetzikon, lived in Bassersdorf
1960 - Award from the Radio Lausanne Compositions Competition
1967 - First prize at the ‘Premio Città di trieste’ international festival, for the piano concert op.20
1964 - Commission by canton Solothurn for the musical design of a procession at the Expo in Lausanne Various other commissions
1983, 1987, 1989 - Invitation by the Composer and Musicologist Association of the DDR to perform works at the Berlin Music Biennale
Ein profanes Requiem
Composed in:1977
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Anonymus, Karl Boppel, Hermann Scherchen, Recha Freier, Gottfried Keller
Ein profanes Requiem, op. 31 (1977), for mixed choir and wind orchestra (fl[=pic].cl.bcl.tag.asx.tsx.barsx/xyl/3perc/3cnt.3tpt.3Ebhn.3tbn-c.thn.bar.2btba/db). Texts by Anonymus, Karl Boppel, Hermann Scherchen, Recha Freier, Gottfried Keller. Duration: 19'.
Ein profanes Requiem, op. 31 bis (1977-2002), for mixed choir and instrumental ensemble (pic.fl.ob.ca.cl.bcl.bn/2hn.3tpt-c.3ttbn-c/pf/xyl/2perc/ Duration: 19'.