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Paco Peña
1942 -
P. Peña
Paco Peña -Francisco Pena Perez- (01/06/1942), a Spanish (from Andalucian) guitar player and composer.
Requiem flamenco - in praise of the earth
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Spanish text of the mass
Paco Peña’s latest work, Flamenco requiem, came about following his participation in various music festivals, over many years, performing his internationally acclaimed Misa Flamenca. Collaborating with various classical choirs in performing this work, he has often been urged by them and the festivals to compose again for flamenco guitar, voice and chorus. He decided to write a Requiem, true to the orthodox tradition of such works, but giving it a different treatment at the same time; thus, composing a Requiem for the earth, building its context with this in mind. The Flamenco requiem, therefore, contains several aspects which are new and unique: it combines the most pure flamenco with the beautiful instrument that is the classical voice, which will of course, be delivered in the flamenco form. At the same time it combines the original meaning of a requiem, with the disappearance of vital elements of the earth that are so necessary for the existence of human beings, and consequently, Judgement Day (also a central part of the requiem mass) will come to humanity for its unmeasured exploitation of the planet. This Requiem will also sing its praise to the Earth. Of course all of this, gives this work a social commentary very relevant to the times we live in. However, Paco Peña wanted to add to this work an element of hope - that, not all is lost; with this idea he also uses a children's choir, which, although singing the serious message of the text, will contribute, with their innocence a little light of optimism towards the end of the piece.