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Wenzel Emanuel Horak
1800 - 1871
Czech Republic
W.E. Horak
Wenzel (Vaclav) Emanuel Horak (01/01/1800 - 03/09/1871), a Bohemian composer, born in Lobec (Bohemia). Organist, church composer, and writer on music, pupil of Josef Schubert ; was a good organist at the age of twelve. He entered the Gymnasium at Prague in 1813, and while there sang in the choirs and played the organ in different churches, at the same time studying composition and theory from the works of Türk, Vogler, Albrechtsberger, and Cherubini. He became a favourite teacher, and in 1833 organist of the Theinkirche, in 1836 choir director of the Church of Maria-Schnee, in 1853 of the Adalbertskirche, and in 1859 again at the Theinkirche. In Bohemia he was considered one of the most sterling and productive church composers of modern times. Works : 11 masses, and a Requiem for voices and orchestra, besides two masses and two Requiems for voices only ; Te Deum, graduals, offertories, etc. He published a work on harmony (Leipzig, 1846). Heindl, Gallerie der beruhmten Pädago- gen, etc. (Munich, 1859).
Requiem in C minor
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem Mass in C minor, for chorus and orchestra, written as part of his Seu Hymni in sacris pro defunctis usitati viris cantandi auctore.
Publisher: Augsburg, August Maillinger, Nr. 15; Signatur: A:Wdp D I/655.
Requiem (2x)
Musical form:masses
Text/libretto:Latin mass
He wrote two Requiems for voices only.