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John Boyle
1952 -
United States of America
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J. Boyle
John Boyle (1952), an American composer. He is a Christian composer who is now establishing his career while living and working in Montana, where he studied musical composition.
Requiem for the unborn
Composed in:1995
Musical form:cantata
Text/libretto:English texts
In memory of:unborn children
Label(s):Mars Hill Audio
Requiem for the unborn is a work in four movements, marked:
01. Death
02. Hell
03. The Void
04. Redemption
The most unexpected classical music recording I've run across recently is Sacred Music of the 20th Century, a compact disc chiefly devoted to a cantata by John Boyle called Requiem for the Unborn. This work, composed in 1995 and recorded by Kurt Sprenger, the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Warsaw National Chorus, was released on a label called Life Art, Ltd., described in the liner notes as "a special corporation to support and encourage the development of contemporary symphonic music that combines the highest moral, spiritual, and artistic values." The notes go on to say that Boyle, a composer born in 1952 about whom I knew nothing prior to hearing this CD, "is currently working on an oratorio dealing with the tragic consequences from the breakup of the family. This work, which is in keeping with Boyle's concern with social morals and keen interest in spiritual themes, is due to be completed by late 1996."