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Mieczyslaw Samuilowicz Weinberg
1919 - 1996
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M.S. Weinberg
Mieczyslaw Samuilowicz Weinberg -also: Mieczyslaw Wainberg or Moisei Vainberg- (08/12/1919 - 26/02/1996), a Polish composer, born in Warsaw.
Composed in:1967
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:D. Kedrin, M. Dudin, F. Lorca, M. Fukagava and others
Label(s): NEOS SACD NEOS11127
Requiem, opus 96 (1965-1967), is for childrens choir, mixed choir and orchestra.
Texts by Dmitriy Kedrin (1907 - 1945), Federico García Lorca (1898 - 1936), Spanish poet and dramatist, Mikhail Dudin (1916), a Russian poet and Munetosi Fukagava.
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F.G. Lorca
D. Kedrin
M. Dudin