Boudewijn Buckinx
1945 -
B. Buckinx
Boudewijn Buckinx (28/03/1945), a Belgian composer. He was born in Lommel, Belgium. He was dedicated to music from an early age. Since 1963, he introduced a lot of new music to Flanders with his group WHAM [dutch acronym for Working Group for Contemporary and Topical Music], including music by Christian Wolff, Cornelius Cardew and John Cage. Cage was also the subject of his licenciate's thesis [musicology] in 1972.
As a composer, he is a typical exponent of Postmodernism [1001 Sonates for violin and piano, 9 Unfinished Symphonies]. The series of 1001 Sonates in their totality were performed in Darmstadt [Germany] (1988), Brussels (1989), Ghent (1994) and Kiel [Germany] (1998). Special Buckinx concerts have been held in Ghent, Brussels and Kiel, and his music has also been performed at important festivals such as the Contemporary Music Week in Ghent [Belgium], the "Ferienkurse" in Darmstadt [Germany], the Tampere Biennale [Finland] and the North American New Music Festival in Buffalo [USA], Bucarest and Arad [Rumania]. In 1993 a 9-day Buckinx Festival was held in De Rode Pomp in Ghent.
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Zen requiem
Period:21st century
Composed in:2000
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Indian texts
Label(s):November Music NM 004
The Zen requiem is for tenor, bariton, choir, orchestra. Duration: ca. 65 min.
It contains:
01. Compassion 4'25
02. Gatha of Impermanence 8'17
03. Koan 5'13
04. Gatha of Buddha 4'00
05. Mahaprajnaparamita-Hridaya Sutra 10'34
06. Namu Amida Butsu 9'00
07. Lankavatara Sutra 8'01
08. Kwannon Sutra 6'20
09. Orategama 8'17