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David Kimpton
1984 -
Hong Kong | Australia
D. Kimpton
David Kimpton (26/10/1984), an Australian composer.
David Kimpton was born in Hong Kong in 1984, but since early 1987 has lived in eastern Australia (originally Sydney, later Newcastle and now on the Central Coast, midway between the two cities). At the age of 5, David commenced lessons on the Piano, beginning a life-long love of music. Once reaching high school, David commenced playing Percussion, initially through a short-lived school orchestra, then in a local youth orchestra. Over the next five years, he learned much from the orchestras and other groups he played with, and eventually he started composing his own music. Although some earlier works were abrupt failures, he persevered, producing a number of smaller works before his first two major orchestral works in 2002 - RainDance, and the Piano Concerto. In 2003, David commenced a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Music double degree at the University of Newcastle, majoring in composition. He also joined Waratah Brass, the #1 ranked Brass Band in Australia. Although the composing slowed down a bit as a result of the extra workload of university, it continued on, and the next two years provided two new major works (Sketches and Free Born), an extra movement for the Piano Concerto, and the first two movements of an ambitions long-term work - the Requiem. In 2005, David chose to transfer to the Bachelor of Music program to focus on composition, with the possibility of returning to education later in his life.
Author:David Kimpton
Period:21st century
Composed in:2004
Musical form:fragments
Text/libretto:Latin mass
This requiem contains:
01. Dies irae [5']
02. Sanctus [3']
This work "Dies irae" is a number of things to me. Firstly, it is my fourth major work for uni. Secondly, it is the second movement I have completed of a Requiem, a project I have been meaning to start for some time, and intend on working on sporadically in the future. This is the fiery Dies Irae - the day of Wrath. Written for a large orchestra, with choir and organ.
The "Sanctus" was the first completed movement of my Requiem project. Compared to the "Dies irae" which followed, it is much sparser, "purer" if you will. It is just a soft organ accompanying the choir, rather than the full orchestra. Features solos for a Soprano and Baritone.
Author:David Kimpton
About the requiem:
1) Started in 2004, currently an ongoing work.
2) Latin Requiem Mass. No plans at the moment to include other texts.
3) Heavens no! I plan on composing a full setting over a number of years.
4) There is no dedication at this point.

A bit more on the piece: The first two movements of the requiem, Sanctus and Dies Irae, were composed in 2004. Ideas for both movements had been brewing in the composer's mind for much of year, and eventually he had to abandon work on another piece to write these two movements before the ideas disappeared. The Dies Irae movement was submitted as a semester major work for university.
Author:David Kimpton