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Felix Werder
1922 - 2012
Germany / Australia
F. Werder
Felix Werder (22/02/1922 - 03/05/2012), an Australian composer. He was born in Berlin but fled the increasingly difficult political situation in Nazi Germany in 1935. He came to Australia in 1940 with his father, formerly a cantor and liturgical composer at a leading Berlin synagogue. Upon his arrival in Australia, Werder was interned for four years as a political prisoner, and it was during his time in the internment camp that he produced a large number of his early compositions - many of his fellow internees were musicians and, once they had instruments to play upon, the lack of music for them to perform led Werder to write fragments of the scores of Handel and Mozart from memory, progressing to his own imitations of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music later on.
Composed in:1980
This Requiem is for soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, piano, percussion and bass.
Contributor:Staffan Thuringer