Corrado Cartocci
1839 - 1911
C.B. Cartocci
Corrado Bartolomeo [Corrado] Cartocci (19/02/1839 - 31/07/1911), an Italian composer and kapellmeister of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Gorizia and director of the local Civic School of Music. Born in Recanati; died in Gorizia, Italy.
Author:Marco Plesnicar
Messa da requiem
Composed in:1883
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa da Requiem eseguita ai solenni funerali di Enrico V di Francia in Gorizia lý 3 settembre 1883 e dedicata a Sua Altezza Reale la Contessa di Chambord was composed in the romantic operistic style and performed in 1883, in occasion of the solemn funeral of Henry of Bourbon, royalist pretender of the French throne, buried in Gorizia (Italy). The original manuscript (complete but there's not "Libera me domine"), for three manly voices and orchestra, is kept at the local Province Museum.
Author:Marco Plesnicar
The dedicatee Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonne, Comte de Chambord (29/09/1820 - 24/08/1883) was the grandson of King Charles X of France, the posthumous son of Charles's younger son Charles, Duc de Berry, who had been assassinated several months before Henri's birth. Until his grandfather's abdication, he was known as the Duc de Bordeaux.