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Gregers Brinch
1964 -
G. Brinch
Gregers Brinch (02/06/1964), a Danish composer (born in Esbjerg, Denmark). Having always loved music, Brinch started composing in earnest at 20. From 87-92 he studied composition at the Musik-Seminar Hamburg with Elmar Lampson. He has composed prolifically for 22 years for all levels of technical ability and in many different styles, striving to marry atonal and tonal styles. He teaches people of all levels of ability and of all ages and gives workshops and lectures on music internationally including Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Japan and South Korea. His CD of pianoworks 'Blue Harmony' with pianist Diana Baker is being released on the Klyde record label in June.
"I compose contemporary music for a contemporary audience! This is a problem in itself, which I revel in attempting to solve. Atonality was not an idiom I could ever just adopt. I needed to feel it as an existential necessity, and thus own it. I need to move from the accessible to the striving for new sounds;-in some cases the music will move from the barely accessible to the familiar, thereby making familiar musical idioms sound fresh and new again. In any case, I want to allow "beingness" to speak through my music! I believe music is a possibility for exploring the essence of communication and dialogue without getting lost in futile arguments and opinions. An engaged audience is vital to that pursuit!"

"I compose contemporary music in the broad sense of the word! In the greater time perspective we are contemporaries of Bach, Mozart, Wagner etc. So the music I compose draws on influences from all of these. I thrive on the challenge of making familiar musical idioms sound fresh and new again, or the unusual sound familiar, as long as ‘beingness’ comes through the music.”
Requiem brevis
Period:21st century
Composed in:2005
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Composed in response to the need for a short Requiem Mass that can be performed at a Memorial Celebration and with relalively few, but sufficiently competent, singers. The style of composition, both homophonic and contrapuntal, is in deliberate homage to older masters but with a contemporary take on certain elements. The Movements of this a cappella piece are:
01. Requiem
02. Kyrie
03. Domine Jesu
04. Hostias
05. Sanctus
06. Benedictus
07. Agnus Dei
Author:Gregers Brinch
These seven movements from the Requiem mass are short but intense and often in a simple ABA form. It is deliberately scored without accompaniment or soloists. The Chamber Choir is the soloist in this piece!