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Fabrice Pietton
1960 -
F. Pietton
Fabrice Pietton (18/07/1960), a French composer, born in Fourmies.
Requiem du silence
Period:21st century
Composed in:2000
This requiem is for 2 soloists, mixed choir, organ and orchestra. It can also be accompanied with piano with 4 hands. This work was commissioned by Festival FERON’ARTS 2000, Ville de Fourmie, Fonds européens, SACEM. The Requiem du Silence was composed between 1990 and 2000; it was created (first performance) on August the 13 of 2000 for the Festival "Les Féron'ARTS" as a "commande".
The movements are:
01. Intoit
02. Kyrie
03. Lacrimosa
04. Sanctus
05. Requiem aeternam
06. Agnus dei
07. Liberati sumus (Psaume 123:7,8)

There is no label for the moment but live recordings of the performances:
-synphonic version in 2000 (strings/brass quintet/organ/vibes and glockenspiel)
-chamber version in May 2005 (piano/brass quintet)
The voices are: mezzo-soprano and baryton-basse soli and mixed chor.