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Joly Braga Santos
1924 - 1988
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J.M.J. Braga Santos
Josť Manuel Joly [Joly] Braga Santos (24/05/1924 - 18/07/1988), a Portuguese composer (born in Lisbon). He is underrated, indeed virtually unknown. Happily, this is changing quickly, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Marco Polo label, which is issuing many of his works in a continuing series. Joly Braga Santos came of age during the mid-20th century, and his work reflects the great aesthetic changes underway at the time; from the tuneful bonhomie of Joly's early Romantic works to the controlled, Schoenberg-style dissonance of his later pieces (though Joly, like Schoenberg, never entirely abandoned his Romantic roots).
Requiem to the memory of Pedro de Freitas Branco
Composed in:1964
In memory of:Pedro de Freitas Branco
This requiem (1964) is for solo voices, chorus and orchestra, written in memory of Pedro de Freitas Branco (1896 - 1963), a Portuguese conductor.
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis
P. de Freitas Branco