Renzo Bracesco Ratti
1888 - 1982
Peru / Italy
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R. Bracesco Ratti
Renzo Bracesco Ratti (22/10/1888 - 1982), an Italian musician, teacher and composer. He was born in Lima, capital of Peru. He went to Italy for a musical study at the conservatory of Milan. One of his teachers was Ferroni. After World War II (17 September 1947) the teacher was invited to return to Peru to direct the regional school of music of Trujillo. In 1954 he got the direction of the National Conservatorio, but he declined the appointment preferring to stay in Trujillo. In 1957 he returned to Italy. He died in Genoa in 1982.
De profundis e Requiem
Composed in:1920
Musical form:psalm&mass
Text/libretto:psalm 129 and the Latin mass
Ratti's De profundis e Requiem (for eight mixed voices) was performed for the first time in the hall of Milan's Conservatory on January 27th 1921, provoking admiration and deep esteem. Since then this work has been performed in several cities of South America.
The Peruvian composer Renzo Bracesco Ratti wrote a De Profundis e Requiem in 1920.
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis