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Jack Mattsson
1954 - 2007
J.C.R. Mattsson
Jack Christer Randolph [Jack] Mattsson (12/12/1954 - 11/11/2007), a Finnish composer, born in the Åland Islands.
Mattsson: "I took my first musical impulses from The Beatles in 1963, and I still have a close relationship to their music. My interest in Bach and many other great masters, including Palestrina, Lasso and a succession of composers until the masters of the 20th century, was born at approximately the same time. I recognise much of my own internal sound ideal and identity in the French masters Debussy and Ravel. Einar Englund, my teacher in counterpoint, harmony and later privately in composition, played an encouraging part in my development towards the melodic style of composition that I represent. And often, I find the poetic sincerity of Robert Schumann absolutely inimitable in its fragile beauty and spontaneous melodic seductiveness."
Åland requiem
Composed in:1990
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Valdemar Nyman
Label(s):OK 001
Åland requiem (original title: Åländskt requiem) is for solo soprano, solo bass, mixed choir and orchestra. Text by Valdemar Nyman (in Swedish):
01. Av jord till jord
02. Döden kommer ej i stormvind
03. Barnet bultar
04. Skäms du än så säg
05. Guds Pieta
Duration: 40'. Commissioned by Ålands sång- och musikförbund (Åland Song and Music Association).
Valdemar Nyman (15/08/1904 - 25/11/1998), a Finnish author; born in Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, Finland, died in Mariehamn. In 1935 he moved to the Åland Islands.
V. Nyman