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Mihály Mosonyi
1815 - 1870
Hungary | Austria
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M. Mosonyi Mosonyi and his wife
Mihály Mosonyi -real name: Michael Brand- (04/09/1815 - 31/10/1870), a Hungarian composer. He was born in Boldogasszonyfalva, Hungary (now: Frauenkirchen / Austria) near the borders of Hungary into a German-speaking family and studied in Pozsony, the modern Bratislava. He spent the later part of his career, some thirty years, in Pest, where he taught the piano and composition, turning his own attention to the composition of truly Hungarian music, an aim in which he enjoyed considerable success. His many works include operas, sacred and secular vocal works, two symphonies and a quantity of piano music of Hungarian inspiration.
Composed in:1870
Musical form:motet
In memory of:Lajos Batthány
Label(s):Liszt Ferenc Chorus LFC-I-'99

♫ Libera
© Hungaroton HCD 32009

Libera for mixed choir and strings (except violins). In memory of Lajos Batthány, the first Hungarian prime minister of free Hungary, who was executed on 06/10/1849. On 10/06/1870 Batthány was reburried. A mass for the dead was performed and Mosonyi's Libera.
Source:booklet of cd Hungaroton HCD 32009
L. Batthány