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- missa pro defunctis - mass for the dead - messe des morts - missa de requiem - missa defunctorum - messa da requiem - phankhida - messa de morti - totenmesse - missa pro mortuis - messe per i defunti - dodenmis - messa di requiem - messa da morto - messa funebre - misa pro defunctis - requiem mass - missa pro defunti - misa de difuntos - panikhida - requiem - misa de requiem - memorie da requiem -
This alphabetical survey contains classical, vocal requiems (and their composers) including fragments and unfinished ones in the original Latin text as well as in other languages (e.g. German requiems), requiem-songs, motets and profane requiems. Instrumental ones are not included.
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