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William Hayes Biggs
1957 -
United States of America, AL
W.H. Biggs
Hayes Biggs (05/05/1957), an American musician. He was born in Huntsville (Alabama), and raised in Helena, Arkansas. He holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in composition from Columbia University, a Master of Music degree from Southern Methodist University, and a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from Rhodes College. His teachers have included Mario Davidovsky, Jack Beeson, Fred Lerdahl, Donald Erb and Donald Freund.
Introit - Requiem aeternam
Composed in:1982
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Length: 8 minutes. Instrumentation: chorus with orchestra/band; voice with orchestra/band: soprano solo, soprano, alto, tenor, bass & orchestra: 2-0-3-1;2-2-2-0;timpani, percussion(2); piano/el pf;strings.