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Jacques Berthier
1923 - 1994
J. Berthier
Jacques Berthier (27/06/1923 - 27/06/1994), a French organist and composer (from Auxerre). Together with Fr. Robert Giscard he developed the genre Songs from Taizé. He composed for Taizé 284 short songs with instrumental accompaniment and a prominent role for soloists.
Jacques Berthier was born in 1923 in Auxerre, France. He studied first piano, organ, harmony and composition with his father, who also was a composer. He then took up studies at the César Franck School in Paris. In 1961 he was appointed organist at St.Ignace, a church in Paris, where he worked until his death. Berthier loved plain chant and used it in his compositions. Starting in 1955, Berthier wrote during the rest of his life music for the Taizé Community near Cluny, simple chants and congregational songs that were sung by the Brothers of the Community, but also by increasing numbers of young people who gathered each year at Taizé. Jacques Berthier died in Paris on June 27, 1994
Composed in:1951
Label(s):Studio SM D2703
A requiem for soli, choir and organ. The first performance of Berthier's Requiem took place at the Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur, Aix-en-Procence, May 1998.