Ivana Stefanovic
1948 -
I. Stefanovic
Ivana Stefanovic (14/09/1948) is a female composer from Serbia, born in Belgrade. She studied violin and composition. In 1981 she became music editor in the radio drama department of Radio Belgrade. 1985 she founded the Sound Workshop of Radio Belgrade. She is also a writer and internationalIy known radio-artist. She has won several prices with her music and radio-art.
Composed in:1993
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:documentary texts
In memory of:/ dedicated to her girlfriend and collegue of Radio Belgrad
Label(s):ORF 147832131274
In this sound sculpture the artist deals with a dramatic event unforgettable for herself and for all those who were involved or witnessed it and who are still alive: one week before war started in Bosnia the inhabitants of Sarajevo tried to stop and prevent the threatening danger for their city through a street concert lasting for three days. For one last time all had come together peacefully: Serbs, Muslims, Croats - and even the sephardic Jews. Since then he latter - like many others - had to leave Bosnia for the safety of other countries ...
Contributor:Arye Kendi