Giacinto Scelsi d’Ayala Valva
1905 - 1988
G. Scelsi d’Ayala Valva
Count Giacinto Scelsi d’Ayala Valva (08/01/1905 - 07/08/1988), an Italian composer and poet, born in La Spezia.
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Canti Sacri - Requiem
Composed in:1958
Musical form:song
Label(s):FY 119 (LP)
Alpha Classics ALPHA 786
This requiem song - length 5 min.- is part of a composition called Tre canti sacri. In 1958, Scelsi returned to choral writing with his Tre canti popolari for 4-voice choir and his Tre canti sacri for 8-voice choir. It is precisely in these three sacred songs ("Angelus", "Requiem" and "Gloria") that one can find this polyphonic writing at its most intense and complex. Each of these songs (and one might call them motets) is approximately five minutes in length, compact and uses tight formal structures. One finds sustained notes, unison writing leading to shimmering and buzzing overtones, quick movements in some parts, slow glides between notes, sometimes convulsive verbal delivery, and above all a powerful and mystical utterance outside of the normal flow of time; the coda of the "Gloria" is especially effective in ending the set.

♫ Canti Sacri: Requiem nr. 1-3
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Author:Todd McComb