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Pier Luigi Lorenzo Perosi
1872 - 1956
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P.L.L. Perosi
Dom Lorenzo Perosi (20/12/1872 - 12/10/1956), an Italian church musician and composer, born in Tortona.
Source: Grove’s dictionary of music and musicians and http://www.edizionicarrara.it/pages/framepolifoind2000c.html
Contributor:Hermann Puchta (third picture)
Messa corale da requiem
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa corale da requiem for 4 voices and orchestra.
Requiem a due voci dispari
No details available.
Messa da requiem
Composed in:1903
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Ferruccio Manegazzi
Label(s):Sarx Angelicum ANG 97005
CBS MBK 44863
Requiem for 3 male voices, chorus and organ. The requiem mass was for Pope Leo XIII (= Gioacchino Pecci, 02/03/1810 - 20/07/1903) in 1903 and dedicated to his pupil and friend Ferruccio Manegazzi who died in 1897. It is a magnificent, large-scale work which runs the gamut from hushed intimacy to imposing grandeur.
This Messa da requiem contains:
- Requiem e Kyrie
- Graduale
- Tratto
- Dies irae
- Offertorio
- Sanctus
- Benedictus
- Agnus Dei
- Lux aeterna
- Libera me
Source:booklet of cd CBS MBK 44863
pope Leo XIII
In Patris Memoriam
Composed in:1910
Musical form:oratorium
In memory of:the composer`s father who died in 1908
Label(s):GB 2430-2
In Patris Memoriam is for soprano, choir and orchestra. It contains:
1. Traedet animam meam
2. Manus tuae fecerunt me
3. Scio quod redemptor
4. Dimitte,dimitte me
5. Requiem aeternam

Lorenzo Perosi wrote to Giovanni Tebaldini: "He [Perosi's father] died as the Saints do, leaving us his faith, which, for him meant life."
Source:booklet of cd GB 2430-2
Contributor:Pentti Kauppi