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Siegfried Behrend
1933 - 1990
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S. Behrend
Siegfried Behrend (19/11/1933 - 20/09/1990), a German guitarist and composer, born in Berlin, died in Hausham, Germany. He was one of the most outstandig guitarists of our century. Numberous recordings show his virtuosity. In the climax of his career as an artist he traveled around the world as an "Ambassador of german culture". His compositions are mainly inspired by folkloristic music and old Masters. In the 70'th he composed avadgardistical music for guitar and guitar and voice, which he presented together with his wife, the actress Claudia Brodzinska- Behrend. As Behrend was just 18 years old - he played guitar since only two years - the German guitarmaker Richard Jakob Wei▀gerber (1877 - 1960), wrote: "I think he'll become a german star for the guitar". He was right.
Requiem auf Hiroshima
Composed in:1973
Musical form:free
In memory of:the victims of the nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima. Dedicated to: the Japanese musician dr. Hisao Itoh.
Label(s):Thorofon CTH 2026
The score of Requiem auf Hiroshima renounces conventional notation. Its language expresses the inexpressible grey of the nuclear bombardment.
The bombardment