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Lars Moller
1966 -
L. Møller
Lars Møller (17/09/1966), a Danish composer, born in Copenhagen. Møller is a teacher at The Rhythmic Academy and at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense. He trained as saxophonist at the Rhythmic Music Academy (1987) and BFA-jazz, New School, New York (1989). Studies in Indian classical music. Composing studies with Bob Brookmeyer at the Rhythmic Music Academy (1996-98). He is a conductor for various jazz groups and big bands, including Lars Møller Group, The Orchestra, Klüvers Big Band and several amateur orchestras. Composer for various jazz orchestras, including the above and also Sound of Choice and Jimmy Cobb Group. Composer for Athelas Sinfonietta, Sønderborg Symphony Orchestra, Musica Ficta (which performed his Requiem, 1996) and Randers Ensemble. Prizes: DJFA´s Honours Prize (1998). Grammy “Years best jazz recording” (2000). JASA (Jazz Musicians Union) Prize (2000).
Composed in:1996
Musical form:free
The requiem from 1996 is for equal voices - a cappella, and had its first performance 25/10/1996 in Holmens Church, Copenhagen by Musica Ficta under the direction of Bo Holten. The duration is only 3 minutes.
Contributor:Ole Nielsen