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Manuel Mendes
c.1547 - 1605
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M. Mendes
Manuel Mendes (c.1547 - 24/09/1605), a Portuguese composer; born in Lisbon, Portugal, died in Evora, Portugal.
A copy (1551) of Cristůbal de Moralesís (c.1500-1553) Missarum Liber Secundus has a manuscript appendix which contains a Missa pro defunctis for four voices by Emanuelis Lusitani, which is thought to be the Portuguese composer Manuel Mendes.
The so-called "…vora School," was founded at …vora Cathedral by Manuel Mendes. Some students: EstÍv„o Lopes Morago, Manuel Cardoso, Filipe de Magalh„es, EstÍv„o de Brito, Jo„o LaurenÁo Rebelo, etc.
There was an important school of polyphonic music in Portugal in those times (…vora and Lisbon); unfortunately, many unpublished works disappeared in the earthquake of Lisbon on 1 November 1755.
Author:Arlindo Correia
Missa pro defunctis
Period:High Renaissance
Composed in:1575c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
This requiem is for four voices.
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis