Colin John Beverley Mawby
1936 - 2019
Great Britain, England | Ireland
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C.J.B. Mawby
Colin Mawby (09/05/1936 - 24/11/2019), an English composer, choirmaster and Master of Music at Westminster Cathedtral, born in Portsmouth.
Libera me, Domine
Composed in:1963
Musical form:fragment
In memory of:Cardinal William Godfrey
Libera me, Domine was written in 1963 for the Requiem of Cardinal William Godfrey (1889 - 1963), the Archbishop of Westminster.
Author:Colin Mawby
Cardinal Godfrey
De profundis
Composed in:1975
Musical form:fragment
In memory of:Cardinal John Carmel Heenan
De profundis was written in 1975 for the Requiem of Cardinal John Carmel Heenan (1905 - 1975), the Archbishop's of Westminster.
Author:Colin Mawby
Cardinal Heenan
Composed in:1989
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Querstand VKJK 1006
A requiem mass for SATB (div. with soli), organ, choir and instruments. Duration: 35 min. Text: traditional Latin mass for the dead.
It contains:
01. Introitus und Kyrie(6'26)
02. Domine Jesu Christe (3'08)
03. Sanctus und Benedictus (2'57)
04. Agnus Dei (3'01)
05. Lux aeterna Communio (3'01) 06. Pie Jesu Domine (2'44)
07. Libera me, Domine (3'44)
08. In Paradisum (3'15)

♫ 07. Libera me, Domine
Querstand VKJK 1006
Pie Jesu Domine
Composed in:1993
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem fragment for SATB choir (div. with solo). Duration: 4 min.
Requiem for Roger
Composed in:1996
Requiem for choir SATB (div. with soli). Duration: 10 min.
Blessed are those who die in the Lord
Composed in:1999
Musical form:fragment
In memory of:Cardinal Basil Hume
Mawby wrote a piece especially for the Requiem of Cardinal Basil Hume (1923 - 1999)
The piece I wrote for Basil Hume's requiem was a responsorial psalm: Blessed are those who die in the Lord. The remainder of the mass was a mixture of plainchant, polyphony, and hymns. They also sang Faure's "In paradisum". A lot of this was to enable the congregation to join in the singing. The mass was attended by both the British and Irish Prime Ministers.
Author:Colin Mawby
Cardinal Hume
Requiem of hope
Period:21st century
Composed in:2002
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass, Henry Vaughan, John Henry Newman
Requiem of hope (written 1996 - 2002) is a setting for soprano, mixed voices and organ or orchestra. The Latin text of Requiem of hope is taken from the requiem mass. The following English texts are also included: Celtic Blessing (traditional), Meditation by Henry Vaughan, a Welsh poet (1622 - 1695), Communion Motet by cardinal John Henry Newman (1801 - 1890).
It contains:
01. Celic blessing
02. Introit and Kyrie
03. Meditation
04. Offertory
05. Sanctus and Benedictus
06. Agnus Dei
07. Communion Motet and Antiphon
08. Libera me, Domine
09. In paradisum
Cardinal Newman