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Jean-Paul Liardet
1939 -
Picture Picture
J.P. Liardet
Jean-Paul Liardet (05/10/1939), a Swiss composer, born in Lausanne. He studied at the Academy of music of Geneva. He worked with Igor Markévitch and with Witold Lutoslawsky. Liardet travels a lot. He published hitherto 17 discs of its compositions.
Composed in:1983
Text/libretto:Angelo Poliziano
In memory of:for a girl with the radiant beauty
Label(s):Gallo CD 957
Subtitled: "pour une jeune fille à la beauté rayonnante” ; commissioned by Societé Internationale de Musique Contemporaine. Lyrics by the Italian poet Angelo Poliziano (1454 - 1494).
Author:Herman Ram
The big Requiem of Liardet after a poem in Latin of Italian humanist politician is higly expressive. One feels a temperament.
Author:Rock Hugli
Angelo Poliziano