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Johannes Frederikus Gregorius Kox
1930 - 2019
The Netherlands
H. Kox
Johannes Frederikus Gregorius (Hans) Kox (19/05/1930 - 25/02/2019), a Dutch composer and pianist, from Arnhem.
Author:Theo Willemze
Requiem for Europe
Composed in:1971
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Paul Celan, and Bible verses (e.g. the Canticum Moysis)
In memory of:/ dedicated to Europe, the continent
Label(s):Donemus Records Composers Voice CV 98/99
This requiem is for 4 choirs and orchestra. It is part of a War Triptych:
- In those days
- Requiem for Europe
- A child of life (The Anne Frank Cantate, 1985)
Author:Bas van Putten
Paul Celan is a pseudonym of the Austrian writer Paul Antschel (1920 - 1970).
P. Celan