Ernst Hoffmann
1776 - 1822
E.T.A. Hoffmann
Ernst Theodor Amadeus [Ernst] Hoffmann (24/01/1776 - 25/06/1822), a German writer, composer, and painter who was influential in the romantic movement. He was born in Königsberg (Prussia). Hoffmann is best known for his stories involving the supernatural where sinister characters move in and out of men's lives, ironically revealing the tragic or grotesque sides of human nature. As a composer, he was a pupil of Reichardt in Berlin. He wrote opera’s (e.g. Undine, 1816), theater music, chamber music, orchestral works and some pieces for the catholic services.
Author:S. Mellor and Theo Willemze
Source:Hugo Riemanns Musik-Lexikon and Componistenlexicon
Period:Early Romanticism
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Contributor:Arye Kendi