Urmas Sisask
1960 - 2022
U. Sisask
Urmas Sisask (09/09/1960 17/12/2022) was an Estonian composer. Sisask was born in Rapla on 9 September 1960. One of the major inspirations for his music was astronomy. Based on the trajectories of the planets in the Solar System, he created the "planetal scale", a mode consisting of the pitches C#, D, F#, G#, and A. Later, he discovered to his surprise that this was exactly the same as the Japanese Kumajoshi mode, which is also known as the Japanese pentatonic scale. Sisask was a Roman Catholic, and much of what he composed was sacred music. His younger sister is singer and actress Siiri Sisask. Sisask died on 17 December 2022, at the age of 62.
Libera me
Composed in:1988
Musical form:motet
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Audiomax 902 1336-6
Libera me, part of Gloria Patri (Op.17, 1988), 24 songs for mixed choir (a capella).

♫ Libera me
Audiomax 902 1336-6
Composed in:1998
In memory of:those who gave their life for the freedom of Estonia
Requiem [Reekviem] (Op.67, 1998), for male choir, tenor and bass solo and symphony orchestra. His most known large-scale works are Requiem in Memory of Those Who Gave Their Life for the Freedom of Estonia.