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Lubomyr Melnyk
1948 -
L. Melnyk
Lubomyr Melnyk (22/12/1948) is a composer and pianist of Ukrainian origin. Melnyk is noted for his continuous music, a piano technique based on extremely rapid notes and complex note-series, usually with the sustain pedal held down to generate harmonic overtones and sympathetic resonances. The virtuoso plays rapid sequences thanks to his ability to play up to 19 notes per second (with each hand).[4] These overtones blend or clash according to harmonic changes. Most of his music is for piano, but he has also composed chamber and orchestral works. According to the pianist, his piano music requires a special technique, closely related to the Martial Arts, and is too complex and difficult for any concert pianists to play[citation needed]. Because of his lifelong devotion to the piano, he has been called The Prophet Of The Piano.
Requiem for a Fallen Tree
Period:21st century
Composed in:2018
Musical form:song
Label(s):Erased Tapes

♫ Requiem For A Fallen Tree
Erased Tapes Records ERATP116CD

Two pieces on the album Fallen trees certainly deserve a mention. The opening track "Requiem For A Fallen Tree", for example, where the angelic singing of the Japanese vocalist Hatis Noit floats over Melnyk's piano attacks. This makes it sound like the trees are surrounded by fog; a wonderful warm-up for the title piece.