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Ian Krouse
1956 -
United States of America, MD
I. Krouse
Ian Krouse (1956), born in 1956 in Olney, Maryland, composer Ian Krouse has been hailed in Gramophone as “one of the most communicative and intriguing young composers on the music scene today.” Of his well-known Bulerías, Soundboard described his music as "absorbing, brutal, beautiful, and harsh, all at the same time." He is widely known for his pioneering development of the guitar quartet, of which he has composed eleven to date, including the epic Quartet No. 5 Labyrinth (On A Theme of Led Zeppelin), most of which have received multiple recordings and are now featured regularly in the touring repertories of the leading ensembles of our time. Several of his solo guitar works, most notably Da Chara, Air (In the Irish style) and Variations On A Moldavian Hora, have received multiple recordings and are performed regularly by guitarists all over the world.
Armenian Requiem,
Period:21st century
Composed in:2015
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Gregory of Narek
In memory of:the victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915
Label(s):Naxos 8.559846-47
"The Armenian Requiem (Op. 66) is a culminating work for me, one of my most ambitious ever, but it will surely not be my last. As I write this, I am in the early stages of composing a choral symphony on texts by the Armenian Saint, Gregory of Narek, whose transcendant words served as one of the most far-reaching movements of the Armenian Requiem. I had always intended to write a ‘requiem’, but I had always assumed that it would be in Latin. The idea of composing the first ever polyphonic setting of the ancient Armenian liturgy was an idea that came spontaneously and easily over evening tea with my collaborator, and compiler of the text, Vatsche Barsoumian, and was the third work in the Armenian languange commissioned by the Lark Music Academy of Glendale, California. When I first set eyes upon the impressive (and daunting) text in fifteen movements (!) I knew immediately that it was a masterpiece in its own write, and that I would need to muster a lifetime of experience to do it justice. This is precisely what I endeavored to do during the sixth months that I had to compose the piece if it was to be ready in time to mark and honor the 100th year commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. I was able to complete my task and the work was premiered on April 23, 2015 at Royce Hall, UCLA. I was most pleased with the results, and am honored that Naxos has chosen to share our work with the world. If in some very small way our work uplifts and improves life on this planet, Vatsche and I will be most gratified."
Author:Ian Krouse
Contributor:Arye Kendi
The Armenian Requiem (Op. 66) contains:
1. Part I: Prelude: I Want to Die Singing 00:02:47
2. Part I: Khorhurd khorin (Mystery Profound), "The Creation" 00:11:14
3. Part I: Interlude I: Naze's Lullaby 00:07:29
4. Part I: Vor haneyits (Creator of All Beings) 00:04:18
5. Part I: Interlude II: Moon of the Armenian Tombs, "The Flood" 00:18:21
6. Part I: Qahanayq (We Priests and People) 00:02:03
7. Part II: Interlude III: Book of Lamentations 00:16:07
8. Part II: I verin Yerusaghem (In Supernal Jerusalem) 00:02:26
9. Part II: Interlude IV, "Reqviyem" 00:04:31
10.Part II: Ter voghormya (Lord, Have Mercy) 00:03:56
11.Part II: Interlude V: 3 - Voice Mass 00:04:22
12.Part II: Govya Yerusaghem (Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem) 00:02:41
13.Part II: Interlude VI: Brothers We Are 00:05:38
14.Part II: Yeghitsi anun Tyarn (Blessed Be the Lord's Name) 00:02:27
15.Part II: Postlude: Blessing of the Land 00:06:41