Sergey Berinsky
1946 - 1998
S.S. Berinsky
Sergey Samuilovich [Sergey] Berinsky (14/04/1946 - 12/03/1998) a Moldavian composer, born in the little Moldavian town of Novye Kaushany. His childhood and youth are connected with Donetsk (the Ukraine), where he graduated from a music school and college as violinist. There was a cultivated interest for literature in his family, there sounded various folk music - Jewish, Rumanian, Moldavian, Ukrainian. This atmosphere also inspired the composer's elder brother, the well-known poet and translator Lev Berinsky, who in his turn influenced the literary tastes of his younger brother.
Requiem to the memory of Janusz Korczak
Composed in:1979
In memory of:Janusz Korczak (1878 1942)
Requiem (1979) for choir, soloists and orchestra to canonic texts, in memory of Janusz Korczak.
Janusz Korczak (1878 1942) was a well-known doctor and author who ran a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw from 1911 to 1942. Korczak and his staff stayed with their children even as German authorities deported them all to their deaths at Treblinka in August 1942. Janusz Korczak was the pen name of Henryk Goldszmit, a Polish Jewish doctor and author. Goldszmit first gained fame in the early 1900s writing storybooks for children and childcare books for adults. Born into a highly assimilated Polish Jewish family in Warsaw in the late 1870s, Goldszmit trained as a pediatrician. He developed groundbreaking views on raising children, urging adults to treat them with both love and respect. As his reputation as an author grew, Goldszmit became known throughout Poland as Janusz Korczak.
Janusz Korczak