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Johan Victor Dahlberg
1915 - 1946
The Netherlands | Suriname
J.V. Dahlberg
Johan Victor Dahlberg (04/09/1915 - 23/11/1946), a Dutch composer from Suriname, born in Paramaribo, died in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). His father died shortly before or after his birth, and when Johan Victor was seven months of age his mother left Surinam and took him to the Netherlands. His musical talent was recognized at an early age. At the music school of Nijmegen he had piano, violin and theory lessons. After finishing high school he went with his mother to Amsterdam to continue his studies at the Conservatory. His composition teachers were Sem Dresden and Hendrik Andriessen. Suffering from tuberculosis, he spent most of the war years in hospitals. He died at age 31. His oeuvre includes piano music, chamber music, orchestral works (including ‘Symphonie macabre', 1938-1940) and choral works.
Dahlberg's father died shortly after his birth and his mother came to the Netherlands with the seven-month-old baby. His talent was discovered and stimulated early on. He attended the music school in Nijmegen, where he took lessons in piano, violin, harmony and counterpoint. He developed into a pianist and composer, and after graduating from high school he moved with his mother to Amsterdam, where he became a student at the conservatory, majoring in Composition. With a lingering illness he ended up in the St. Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, was repeatedly evacuated because of war violence, and finally when the danger had passed, he returned to this clinic and died there lonely and poor at the age of 31. (16) Dahlberg composed several works in the short time given to him, including a symphony, choral works, a wind quintet, a trio, a string quartet and various works for piano, organ, violin and cello. His work has been performed by the Utrecht Municipal Orchestra, the Radio Blazers Ensemble, the Brabant Chamber Choir, the Men's Choir 'De Koninklijke Zanger', and the choir of the St. Jan van Den Bosch. Radio Nederland Wereldomroep has recordings of some of his piano works. Most of his manuscripts are in the library of the Haags Gemeentemuseum, where he was commemorated in 1971 with an exhibition and a concert. (The exhibition has also been in Suriname afterwards.) In 1994, during the aforementioned concert of the Surinamese Music Collective, van Dahlberg, an elegy for cello and piano by Tan Crone and Mario Rio was performed, and a trio for piano, violin and cello by Tan Crone, John Helstone and Mario Rio. .
Composed in:1945
Musical form:fragments
Requiem (uncompleted) for 5 voices (or more) with instrumental accompagniment.