Marco Sofianopulo
1952 - 2014
M. Sofianopulo
Marco Sofianopulo (20/08/1952 - 14/11/2014), an Italian composer. Born and died in Trieste. His family was of Greek origin and artistic traditions. At a very young age he graduated in Pianoforte, Organ Performance and Composition, and Composition (with Giulio Viozzi). He has been teaching at the "Giuseppe Tartini" Conservatory of Trieste since 1975 and has conducted choirs and orchestras in hundreds of concerts all over Europe. As a composer, his musical language is free, moderately chromatic and influenced by his Hellenic origins. His music, performed world wide, has received many prestigious awards and is available in publications and on recordings, including those by radio-TV networks. Sofianopulo has an extraordinary talent for improvising as shown during his five years as resident organist of the Cathedral of San Giusto in Trieste. He was then appointed as Director of the Cappella Civica del Comune di Trieste, the oldest cultural institution of the city with almost 500 years of history. The Cappella Civica is responsible for providing the music for the liturgical services held in the Cathedral. Since 1986, Sofianopulo has not only been its director, but has developed its role and importance in the musical and artistic field through the research, study, publication, performance and recording of a rare repertoire, both ancient and modern. With this in mind, numerous have been the initiatives organised to commemorate composers active in Trieste between 1750 and 1950 (the rediscovery of the oratorio "Tobias" by L.Farinelli, recorded by Rai-TV), local composers such as G.Tartini, Francesco and Gabriele Spongia, Antonio Tarsia, Giulio Viozzi, Carl Ferdinand Lickl, Antonio Gracco (Civic Library Foundation), etc., as well as composers of sacred music who were not directly connected to the local culture. The Cappella Civica has also collaborated with other cultural institutions in Trieste, as in the following series of concerts: "Neoclassicism and its music", "Music and Landscape", "Harmonie du soire - musical recollections of the first Biennal Exhibition", "Music from the Orient", "Svevo's Salon music", "Shalom Trieste". Furthermore, the Cappella Civica regularly organises courses, seminars and workshops for young musicians, many of whom are highly talented and go on to pursue a professional career, thanks to Sofianopulo's guidance and assistance. As Chapel Master, traditionally responsible for preserving and adding new works to the sacred musical heritage of the Triestine Church, Sofianopulo has composed many sacred as well as choral works. His love for vocal music, however, has led him to write operas, arias and motets for one or more voices, both sacred and secular, accompanied by various instrumental ensembles. Sofianopulo has won international awards and has been conferred honours in recognition of his career, such as Chevalier of Merit of the Republic and Chevalier honoris causa of the Sovereign Order of Malta.
Liturgia dei defunti
Period:21st century
Composed in:2000
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Liturgia dei defunti (2000) for soprano, mixed choir and norchestra.