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Giacinto Burroni
1882 - 1969
G. Burroni
Giacinto Burroni (22/11/1882 - 15/04/1969), an Italian composer; born in Zerbolo, died in Turin (in the small cemetery of Sacro Monte di Crea). He was a Franciscan friar, musician, composer and historian.
Conscript of canon Nebbia was the Franciscan Father Giacinto Burroni, who was not from Asti, nor was he from Piedmont, having been born in 1882 in ZerbolÚ, in the province of Pavia. But he fell in love with Asti during the 25 years of regency of the parish of Santa Caterina from 1929 to 1953. An enterprising pastor and constantly in contact with the people, he knew how to create artistic oases, to devote himself to historiography and above all to composition. Despite his almost self-taught training, like canon Nebbia, he left a conspicuous and valuable musical production, largely published. He died in Turin in 1969 and was buried in Crea. Christmas! is the title of the composition in the program, which is divided into 3 sections, distinct from each other for themes and characters. The autograph manuscript is kept in the Archive of the Convent of S. Antonio da Padova in Turin.
Messa pei defunti
Composed in:1900c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa pei defunti (ca. 1900) for two equal voices and organ.