Jean-Etienne Rey
1832 - 1923
J.-E. Rey
Jean-Etienne Rey (03/08/1832 - 09/01/1923), a French composer and singer; born at Toulouse. A Dramatic composer, pupil at the Conservatoire, Paris, of Carafa in composition, and of lu'vial iu singing ; obtained an accessit de chant iu 1854, and in 1855 married Mile Balla, the singer, who had won in 1854 the second prize. In the following year she was awarded the first prize in singing in opera and opera-comique, and received a promising engagement to travel. Her husband thenceforth gave up his own professional career as a singer, and while travelling with her through Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal, gave much time to composition, some of his best works being brought out in the principal cities of those countries. After her death he remained in Paris, devoting himself to composition in various branches. Works: Operas: La gitaua, Bordeaux, 1864; J'ai coupe le roi; L'amour villageois; Stribor; Le talisman des sultanes, opera-bonne; Balthazar; Irene. Le rnartyre de S lint S ilnrnin, oratorio, Toulouse, 1856; Choruses for 4 male voices; 12 sacred melodies for one voice ; Sacred choruses for 4 male voices ; and other vocal music in every style ; Requiem mass for 4 male voices, and other church music ; 7 symphonies for orchestra ; Many pieces for pianoforte, violin, and other instruments. He has published also a Methode de chant, and easy sonatas for the pianoforte, and violin, for beginners, etc.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem mass for 4 male voices.