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Antoine-Guillaume Ravets
1758 - 1827
Belgium / The Netherlands
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A.-G. Ravets
Antoine-Guillaume Ravets [Ravits] (1758 - 1827), a Belgian composer and organist, born in Louvain, Belgium, died in Anvers, Belgium. Pupil of Mathias Van den Gheyn. He was organist at St. James' Church in his native city, afterwards at the Augustine Church in Antwerp. Works:
- Many motets and organ preludes with orchestra;
- Quis sicut Dominus;
- Requiem with orchestra;
- De profundis for 2 voices, organ, and orchestra;
- Jesu Corona virginum;
- Confiteantur;
- Verbum supernum;
- Tecum principum;
- Juravit Dorninus
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass