Jan-Pieter Suremont
1762 - 1831
Belgium / The Netherlands
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J.-P. Suremont
Jan-Pieter [Pieter or Pierre-Hans or Pierre-Jean] Suremont (29/01/1762 - 08/03/1831), a Flemish composer and theorist. The library of the Conservatoire of Antwerp houses an extensive collection of autographic manuscripts by the Antwerp composer Pierre (Pieter, or Jan-Pieter) Suremont (1762-1831). Until now, this composer is totally unknown to the general public and to the specialized historians and musicologists. Nevertheless, Suremont has previously proven his qualities as a composer. He was for example crowned by the Royal Dutch Institute for his cantata De Toonkunst (1816). Pierre Suremont (1762-1831): a forgotten Antwerp composer examines the individuality of Suremont's oeuvre, and the place he occupied in local, national and international musical life. Initially, the autographic manuscripts are studied. On this basis, and from external contemporary sources, Suremont's biography is reconstructed and an oeuvre list is compiled. Suremont's scores are examined and a representative sample of his production is published in a critical edition. The publication of the results of this research is linked to a historically documented implementation. There is no doubt that the investigation into Suremont will yield a wealth of information about the still little researched Antwerp and 'pre-Belgian' (music) history. In addition, this research has an important scientific added value in linking music science to performance practice.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:J.E. Pauwels
Requiem written in memory of the composers friend J.E. Pauwels.