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Edison Vasilijevic Denisov
1929 - 1996
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E.V. Denisov
Edison Denisov -also: Edisson Wassiljewitsch Denissow- (06/04/1929 - 24/11/1996), a strikingly innovative Russian composer of Siberian extraction, born in Tomsk (Siberia). He was a leading figure of the post-Shostakovich generation and a hugely influential teacher. He gravitated towards European models like Boulez and Ligeti as well as to the French aesthetic of Debussy and Messiaen. His modernist leanings provoked severe official disapproval, but he stayed loyal to his Russian roots including sweet romantic melodies of Glinka and confessional psycho-dramas of Shostakovich. His style is refined, ornately detailed and elaborate, at the same time romantic and melancholy, creating rich play with elaborate chromatic textures and micro-polyphony. He was a master of colourful instrumentation in such works as Peinture, and skills used to complete pieces by Schubert, Musorgsky, Debussy and Mosolov.
Composed in:1980
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:French, English, German and Latin liturgian texts and poems by Francisco Tanzer
Label(s):BMG 74321 56262-2
A requiem for soprano, tenor, mixed chorus and orchestra. With French, English, German and Latin liturgian texts and poems by Francisco Tanzer (1921-2003).
It contains:
01. Anflug Des Laechelns - Lento 8:04
02. Fundamental Variation - Allegretto 1:25
03. Danse Permanente - Animato 3:22
04. Automatic Variation - Tranquillo 2:38
05. La Croix - Lento 17:20
Source:booklet of cd BMG Classics 74321 56262 2
Contributor:Herman Ram

♫ 01. Anflug Des Laechelns
BMG 74321 56262 2

♫ 02. Fundamental Variation
BMG 74321 56262 2

♫ 03. Danse Permanente
BMG 74321 56262 2

♫ 04. Automatic Variation
BMG 74321 56262 2

♫ 05. La Croix
BMG 74321 56262 2
Francisco Tanzer